Friday, December 14, 2018

The Week of December 17

This week we will be working on the ch digraphs and related math facts.  We will also have our spelling bee on Wednesday  watch the Polar  Express on Thursday and board game day on Friday, (Watch for notices on each)

Word Wall Words: been, brown, know, never. off. out. own. very

Spelling: chin, chop, much, chip, rich. chick, catch, ditch, out, very. Bonus: stocking, wreath, and Santa

Remember Friday is an early dismissal

Friday, December 7, 2018

The Week of December 10th

This is a very busy week for our class.  First thing Monday morning we are going shopping in our Holiday Shop.  On Tuesday our dog friends will be visiting.  Feel free to have your sons/daughters make holiday cards or write to them.  On Wednesday we're performing in the concert.  Hopefully every one can make it.  Don'y arrive before 6----

In science we will learn about winter animals and light.  In math students have been working on related facts and in social studies we're learning about celebrations around the coils.

Word Wall Words are: blue, cold, far. little, live, their, water, where

Spelling: that, then, this, with , both, thin, thump, water , where, Bonus: present, reindeer, candle

Friday, November 30, 2018

The Week of December 3

I can't' believe that it's December and I can't believe we're almost 1/3 of the way through first grade!
This week we will be finishing Unit 2 of our Journeys Series.  We will have the unit test either this week or next.  This week we will have a word wall test.  The words were sent home today (Friday] to study.

We are starting Unit 5 in math which deals with related facts (fact families)  We continue to work on fast facts now in both addition and subtraction.

In science we will learn about light and in social studies we will learn about homes around the world and December celebrations.

Reminder:  Tuesday is spirit day---holiday pajamas or school colors. Also the Holiday concert is December 12.  Finally, we go outside each day unless it's below freezing.  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather

Word Wall Words for this week are:  eat, give, one, put, small, take

Spelling Words:  us, sun, but, fun, bus, run, club, scrub, small, put. Bonus: cupcake, December, holiday

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Weeks of November 19th and 26th

On Monday the 19th will be having our Friendship Soup.  We will introduce American Symbols and learn about the first Thanksgiving.  Remember Wednesday is a shortened day and we haveThursday and Friday off.

During the week of the 26th we will continue with addition and subtraction facts.  We will concentrate on short e.  We will be reading a biography of Dr. Seuss. A word wall test will be coming u[ soon.  I will be sending home a study guide.

Our Word Wall Words are: after, draw, pictures, read, was, right

Spelling Word for the week of the 26th are yes, get, let, sled, red, step, ten, was, bed and after

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Just a few things

On November 13th the dogs will be coming.  Remember November 16th is the school store.  Watch for Friendship Soup information to come home.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Weeks of Nov. 5 and 12th

Because the week of the 5th is so short we will not have spelling this week.  All three days are early dismissals.  I am looking forward to chatting with each of you on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,  We will be learning about, making and eating popcorn.  The family posters are great!  If you haven't sent one in please do so asap

During the week of the 12th we will be working with subtraction strategies and the vowel concept of short o.  We will learn that each of our families is unique and special.   Our dog friends will again visit us on the 13th.

Word Wall Words for the week of the 12th are: her, now, our, she, today and would

Spelling words for the week of the 12th are: on, got, fox, pop, not, hop, flop, box, she now

Bonus: family, mother, father

Friday, October 26, 2018

The Week of October 29

Halloween Week!  Such excitement in first grade!  We will try to keep learning as usual as muck as possible.  We will continue with addition strategies and adding 3 numbers. Our science topics are pumpkins, skeletons and owls.  In reading our review focus is short i and blends with r.

On Monday there are picture retakes.  The Halloween Parade is 2:00 on Wednesday and don''t forget the family posters are due this week,

Word Wall Words are: animal, how, make, of, some and why

Spelling words are: grin, drill, sit, in, will, six, did, big, of and why
Bonus: family, animal, November